Figure and vehicle painting service available. Other comission work undertaken.


 Hi, I'm Peter the painter. Strictly speaking I'm not just a painter, for the past 20 years I've been a professional modeller and illustrator, making all kinds of subjects, in all kinds of scales.

Lately, many of my customers have been millitary model enthusiasts and I've completed countless commissions comprising of figure building, painting and converting, as well as building (From kits and scratch) minitature sets for adding realism and context to  the models. I have found this particularly satisfying because of the almost limitless amount of vehicles and accessories that are available on this subject, particularly in 1/35th scale.



Scale modelling has become a recognised art form however, some "Purists" have made it all a bit boring for many. This is because of the almost fanatical obsessiveness of some modellers who focus so much on how many rivets there are on any particular vehicle. It is my aim to inject a little movement and dynamism into what is now largely a "static" medium. I hope you think I've succeeded.